Governing Body Members 2020-2021

Compass Point Primary School is lucky to have a dedicated, conscientious and effective team of governors to help us on our journey. School Governors are volunteers who help run our school and work to:

-Set the strategic direction of the school with the Headteacher,

-Hold the Headteacher to account for performance of the school, and

-Ensure the budget is spent appropriately.

The school leadership and governors meet regularly as a governing body and individual committees.

Committees currently exist for the following aspects of school life:

-Finance and General Purposes

-Student Outcomes and Wellbeing

At Compass Point we encourage our governors to take an active role in the life of the school.  We welcome them in to visit classes, to work with children, and to talk with staff.

The school governors can be contacted by leaving a message at the school office or by emailing Rachel Hancock, Clerk to the Governors at

Below you will find information regarding our current School Governors and updates from the Local Governing Body.


Marcia Dawkins

Marcia Dawkins

Governor for Special Educational Needs

Employment: NHS, Coordinator for Emergency Theatre

Clerk to the Governors

Clerk to the Governors

Rachel Hancock

My role as Clerk to the Governors is to ensure that Governors are kept informed of updates from within the Academy; to document meetings and correspondence between Governors; and to ensure the compliance of our Governing Body to the relevant legislation.


All of our Governors are very approachable, and you may know some of them from the school gate. However, if you have an informal enquiry or complaint regarding the school, you may prefer to send me an email at , this ensures there is a record of the enquiry, and that I can answer fully, or direct your enquiry to the most suitable Governor or Staff Member.

2020/2021 Dates of Meetings

2020/2021 Dates of Meetings

Governors continue to meet virtually into the new academic year

Governors continue to meet virtually throughout the Covid-19 social distancing measures.

Dates for LGB meetings and Committees:
Term 1
LGB - 6.30-8pm Monday 5th October
Term 2
Finance and General purposes committee meeting Monday 23rd November 6-7.30pm
Student Outcomes and Wellbeing committee meeting Monday 30th November 6-7.30pm
LGB - Monday 14th December 6.30-8pm
Term 3
LGB - Monday 8th February 6.30-8pm
Term 4
Finance and General purposes committee meeting Monday 15th March 6-7.30pm
Student Outcomes and Wellbeing committee meeting Monday 22nd March 6-7.30pm
LGB - Monday 29th March 6.30-8pm
Term 5
SIP meeting Monday 24th May 6-7.30pm
Term 6
Finance and General purposes committee meeting Monday 5th July 2021 6-7.30pm
Student Outcomes and Wellbeing committee meeting Monday 28th June 6-7.30pm
LGB - Monday 12th July 2021 6.30-8pm
Letter from the Trust to our parents

Letter from the Trust to our parents

20 May 2020 Update for Parents

Shortly before breaking up for half-term parents were sent a letter outlining the Trust's position on the reopening of our Primary Schools.

The letter can be accessed here.

Meeting of the Local Governing Body

Meeting of the Local Governing Body

4 May 2020

On the 4th May our Governing Body met virtually to discuss the needs and wellbeing of the school community. The meeting did not follow the usual structure due to this being the first full board meeting since schools have been closed.


Our governors received detailed information regarding the actions that the school is taking to ensure the safeguarding and wellbeing of the staff, students, and their families.


Governors raised concerns regarding a restructure affecting our sister schools, as well as concerns that due to technical issues some families may be missing out on their Free School Meal entitlement.


Governors are reassured  that upon the school fully reopening, our Headteacher has an appropriate plan in place to offer a curriculum heavily weighted towards PSHE and Art in order to secure our children's wellbeing in school.

Meeting of the Local Governing Body - SIP Update

Meeting of the Local Governing Body - SIP Update

1 June 2020

Governors discussed the Next Steps in planning for the return of students. There was a general discussion regarding Risk Assessments, Government Guidance, and 'Pod' groups for September.


Governors were keen to ensure that the school were consistently and enthusiastically communicating with students that were not attending school and made suggestions for improvement. These suggestions will be put to staff by the headteacher.


Feedback from parents shows a lack of confidence in maths skills; Governors would like to see the school address this directly with parents by making available short 'How-To' videos to compliment home learning packs.


The School Improvement Plan for the next academic year is almost complete and has been scrutunised by Governors. Suggestions have been made to ensure that Pupil Premium spending is clearly identified so that Governors can hold the school fully accountable in future.


Governors were informed that the curriculum will have a strong emphasis on Art in order to gently reintroduce children into school - Governors suggest that whilst art is important for overcoming trauma, it also has links to other curriculum areas and these should be fully explored, such as history, geography, and architecture. Architecture also incorporates numeracy, and so should be given  consideration as a focus subject within Art. The school is planning more outdoor learning, and so geography is an obvious choice as a focus, with strong links to science. 


New equipment to support handwriting has been purchased to address concerns raised by the School Improvement Officer. Books in school are being updated and reorganised to reflect the diverse school community and to improve the fluidity of progression through the levels.


Concerns were raised by Governors regarding communication between the Local Governing Body and the GGLT Trustees. Governors agreed a course of action to resolve. 

Meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee

Meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee

22 June 2020

Governors are updated on daily life in the school under Covid planning measures. Governors agree the school has done a fantastic job.


The issue of the bunker under the school is raised and this is on the New Estates Manager's radar for urgent attention. There are no updates as yet from Bristol City Council in relation to dogs using the school playing field.


The financial update shows that that the school will be moving forward from a place of strength. There is expected to be an increase in funding from government for interventions, and from PP funding as more students are eligible. This means that the school can direct interventions at all children to ensure that they meet their expected levels despite missing out on in school education this term.


Governors discussed in detail staffing plans for the next academic year and are satisfied that these are well prepared. 


Suggestions are made to strengthen the use of existing tools such as White Rose Maths, and providing deadlines for set work as students are seeing work set as optional; the message is confusing.


Governors ask for confirmation that Free School Meal vouchers are being sufficiently arranged. The School Business Manager confirms that the summer vouchers are already on order.

Dates of Governor Meetings 2019/20

Dates of Governor Meetings 2019/20

Governors meet regularly to hold the school to account

Governors continue to meet virtually throughout the Covid-19 social distancing measures.

School Year 2019/20 Meeting Dates:

LGB: Local Governing Body  FGP: Finance and General Purposes 

SOW: Student Outcomes and Wellbeing 

SIP:School Improvement Plan

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

FGP 9 September 2019

FGP 3 February 2020

LGB 4 May 2020

SOW 16 September 2019

SOW 10 February 2020

SIP Update 1 June 2020

LGB 23 September 2019

LGB 2 March 2020

FGP 22 June 2020



SOW 29 June 2020


LGB 13 July 2020